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Caps, Numlock, Or Scroll Lock States And How To Retrieve?

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Does anyone know a method that I can retrieve the state of the CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK options ?

I am attempting to make a hotkey only work if the numlock is off so that you can still use the number pad to type numbers, and then use it to switch tabs in a game called RuneScape, I have the tab changing working, but have no clue how to do the check for numlock being on or off ...

and yes I know all about how hotkeys work I have a plan already in affect for something similar in nature,

so if the window is active the hotkeys are too, or else when polled inside my while 1 wend loop (the "MAIN FUNCTION" TO ALL YOU C/C++ JUNKIES :think: ) the window is not active then it unbinds the hotkeys, and then again polls for when it becomes active again to yet again rebind the hotkeys...

Thanks in advance,


Things I have made:[font="Trebuchet Ms"]_CheckTimeBlock UDF(LT)MOH Call Ignore List (MOH = Modem On Hold)[/font]

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