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I Need Some Help With A Script...

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I am new to this and I need some help, could someone please help me with the following script:

PS: I want this to be a joke for a friend of mine...


$g_szVersion = "Gluma Yahoo! Messenger 1.0"

If WinExists($g_szVersion) Then Exit


AutoItSetOption ( "WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

HotKeySet("^!x", "Iesire")

WinWaitActive("classname=IMClass", "&Send")

HotKeySet("{ENTER}", "Trimite")

Func Iesire()



Func Trimite()

ControlSetText("classname=IMClass", "", 225, "Acesta este un simplu text...")




I need to do the following:

- Make Func Trimite() work only for WinWaitActive("classname=IMClass", "&Send"), I mean only for Yahoo Messenger IM window, for other application i want the ENTER key to go back to normal, not to send the message.

- And if it is possible, ControlSetText("classname=IMClass", "", 225, "Acesta este un simplu text...") to be random, I mean I want to add more text lines like that and on each press of the ENTER key another text should appear.


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