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Umm, i'm having a problem with this section of code, its supposed to open my FTP, wait ten seconds, cut all of the files in the FTP, open the folder AutoITFTP, then paste everything in there. but, it is just skipping over all of the Sleep commands :D so, it doesn't work. am i using the wrong syntax for the sleep commands?



$FTPPath = "C:\AutoITFTP\"

   Run('C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE "ftp://brett89:xxxxx@thor.prohosting.com"')
   Sleep ( 1000 )

   WinActivate("ftp://thor.prohosting.com/ - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "")
   Sleep ( 50 )
   Send ( "^a" )
   Send ( "^x" )
   Sleep ( 50 )
   Run("explorer " & $FTPPath )
   WinActivate("AutoITFTP", "")
   Sleep ( 50 )
   Send ( "^v" )
   Sleep ( 50 )

   WinClose("ftp://thor.prohosting.com/ - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "")
   WinClose("AutoITFTP", "")
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