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Cant Retrieve Pixel Information On Fullscreen Game.

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Trying to do easy pixel work in a game however im running into a problem.

Its not detecting any pixel information.

As soon as it starts the pixel information goes to 0.

If I alt tab out I get info for windows, but as soon as I go ingame it goes to 0.

any advice?

(the game is silkroad online)

*As soon as I start the game I get like 5 seconds where it does work but then it goes to 0. Im sure its a anti cheat thing or something?

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Welcome to the forums

Im sure its a anti cheat thing

sounds like it is... no known was to get by this yet


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The first time I ever ventured on the AutoIt forums.. I wanted to write a script for the Pangya golf game. It had the anticheat protection nProtect. nProtect would write jumps into api calls like pixelgetcolor, and various send'inputs so you couldnt send keys to the game OR detect the state of the pixels.

Here is how it was bypassed (until a update fixed it at least :( ):

You used the lame program ZoneAlarm to restrict nprotects privledges so it cant write to the harddrive. This would prevent it from writing those jumps in the various game hacking calls. Then, someone wrote a DLL that I called from the script that would restore those API's to their original state (I'm sure this would of not been hard to do manually). So, when you ran the game nprotect would attempt to modify them and add in their jumps, but was unable to because of ZoneAlarm. And viola, you could script to your hearts desire :think:. However, the next nprotect update made it test to see if it could write to hdd, and if it failed it wouldnt launch the desired game.

Just thought I would add that little blurb of my experience.

AutoIt Scripts:Aimbot: Proof of Concept - PixelSearching Aimbot with several search/autoshoot/lock-on techniques.Sliding Toolbar - Add a nice Sliding Toolbar to your next script. Click the link to see an animation of it in action!FontInfo UDF - Get list of system fonts, or search to see if a particular font is installed.Get Extended Property UDF - Retrieve a files extended properties (e.g., video/image dimensions, file version, bitrate of song/video, etc)

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