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1) How do I create and excel file?


2) How do I create a worksheet on that excel file?

This is only needed if you wish to create an additional sheet.

_SheetAdd($sFilePath, $Sheet, $ExcelValue)

3) How do I add data to a worksheet on that excel file?

_XLwrite($sFilePath, $Sheet, $Column, $Row, $ExcelValue)

Here is an example:

#include <ExcelCom.au3>

$FilePath = @ScriptDir & "\Test.xls"
_XLWrite($FilePath, 1, "A", 1, "This", "Visible")
_XLWrite($FilePath, 1, "A", 2, "is", "Visible")
_XLWrite($FilePath, 1, "A", 3, "a", "Visible")
_XLWrite($FilePath, 1, "A", 4, "test", "Visible")

Edit:Added an example

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