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I am totally new to AutoIt and scripting in general, but I have experience in other programming languages (e.g. Java & C). I was just wondering if it's possible to code a script that will refresh a webpage (by clicking a link repeatedly) until it detects a certain displayed character in a specific location on the screen (the character would be displaying R most of the time, but when an opening occures in the database that the webpage is displaying it would then display an A). When it detects the change, it would then click the link (the A) and terminate. First of all, is this even possible? And secondly, is it simple enough to be explained to me? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Welcome to the forums jeff

the post above is correct, it most likely can do what you want....

however, to get beta and all the tools you need... plus to learn how to work with IE.au3..

"Welcome to Auroit 1-2-3" has all of it... and 15 IE au3 examples,//

get beta, scite and learn alot quickly...

its in my signature below



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