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Combobox Calamity

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first of all, believe me when I say to you that I have searched this forum for almost a whole day of work now. And since this script I'm writing is job-related, I can't keep on spending lot's of time on this when I'm not making any progress.

I got this window (see attachment - some things are blacked out due to discretion) I need to automate (will loop 400 times). However I'm stuck on the comboboxes. I can get the focus on that box, I can show the dropdown and I can use {DOWN} on it to scroll down the list. However: getting the current selection/making a selection does NOT work. A controlID (as you see) is not available, only the classNameNN variable.

One thing that may be of interest, when I use the method to see if this subwindow exists: it returns false. The main window does return 1 though.

Another thing: I read about some scripts on this forum, but each of them fails with "Unknown function name" or "Badly formatted function name". So there weren't any help.

If you people could help me setting the combobox item that is given as a parameter to my automation script, I would be very grateful.

Thanks !

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