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Can't Get Back Result

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I am using Autoit to attack an ms-sql server 2000 Database.

i use ms-sql.au3 library function :

Func _SQLCommand($o_ADOcn, $s_Query, $cmd_TimeOut=900)

    Local $o_ADOCmd, $o_ADOrs
    $o_ADOCmd = ObjCreate("ADODB.Command")
    $o_ADOrs = ObjCreate("ADODB.Recordset")
    $o_ADOCmd.ActiveConnection = $o_ADOcn
    $o_ADOCmd.CommandText = $s_Query
    $o_ADOCmd.CommandTimeOut = $cmd_TimeOut
    $o_ADOrs = $o_ADOCmd.Execute
    if @error Then return 0
    return $o_ADOrs

My autoit code is :

Dim $o_ADOrs

$o_ADOrs = ObjCreate ("ADODB.Recordset")

 $s_Query = "Exec Diirect_Reports_InsertPronostico " _
  & "'" & $FechaInsert & "'" & "," _
 & "'" & $FechaHora & "'" & "," _
 & $Temperatura & "," _
 & $Humedad & "," _
 & $presion

$o_ADOrs = _SQLCommand($o_ADOcn, $s_Query, $cmd_TimeOut)

this code execute very well my stored procedure (is an insert statment, an it's returning an int value, 1 or 2)

After the sqlcommand my ADO recordset : $o_ADOrs is closed and i canĀ“t get back the return value, even if i search in : $o_ADOCmd

how can i do to perform that ?

Thanks for your help.

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