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Pa Callender

Eventadd() Udf (need Help & Info)

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Pa Callender

I intend to write a UDF that does not do anything dangerous/worrying (like using KERNEL32 to Allocate Memory - that's not my territory, I just script... and script... and eat... etc.). From other threads in this subforum, I have gathered that you need something like this...

$iRet = EventAdd("Information","Request Help",$sUserName&" on "&$sComputerName&" at "&$sLocation&" has requested help for the following reason: "&$sReason,"Application")

Func EventAdd($sType,$sPurpose,$sDetails,$sAs)
Dim $iRet, $oAdvApi32, $hAs
$oAdvApi32 = DllOpen("AdvApi32.dll")
;; Etc... Dllcall to set $hAs to the handle to the event log
;; PS. I have seen "int" as the return type in other examples,
;; and also require info on ????? sections. Please correct if wrong...
$iRet = DllCall($oAdvApi32,"int","ReportEvent","long",$hAs,"int",Eval($sType),"int",0,"long",1001,"long",0,"int",1,"long",StringLen($sDetails),"long",?????,"long",?????)
;; Etc... DllCall to destroy $hAs...
Return $iRet

Edit: Changed [ code name="EventAdd() UDF" ] to [ code ]

Edited by Pa Callender

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