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Problem With A Dynamical Drop Down List Box

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I am distressed with a form containing 2 drop down list boxes, the second is a dynamical one, i.e.

depending on what I select on the first list a second list is loaded. Strange to say the Values (<option value="i" ) of the second list are not unique. The Elements

(<option value="i" > myTemplate1 </option>

(<option value="i" > myTemplate2 </option>


but are Unique. Is there a way to select on the Element (myTemplate1) rather then HTML-Tag Value?


Here is the basic code of the form:

<Form Name=UIForm onsubmit="goNext();return false;" Action="certlynx.asp" Method=Post>

<Input Type=Hidden Name=SourcePage Value="certrqma">


<TD><Select Name=lbCertTemplate ID=lbCertTemplateID onchange="handleTemplateChange();">

<Option Value="...Archive User">Archive User</Option>

<Option Value="...Basic EFS">Basic EFS</Option>

<Option Value="...Enrollment Agent">Enrollment Agent</Option>

<Option Value="...Smartcard User">Smartcard User</Option> ;-> This is the one I want to select

<Option Value="....




<TD><Select Name=lbCSP ID=lbCSPID onchange="handleCSPChange();">

<Option ID=locLoading>Loading...</Option>


..Checkboxes ...Buttons

<Input ID=locBtnSubmit Type=Submit Name=btnSubmit Value="Submit >" Style="width:.75in">

function handleCSPChange() {

if (0 == document.UIForm.lbCSP.length)


//no csp, disable submit button

document.UIForm.btnSubmit.disabled = true;




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