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I'm making a script that will download a whole bunch of zip files off of a web page. All the links text are something like

Core Data
So, I'm getting every link, then narrowing it down into an array called $datalinks using StringRight.

#include <ie.au3>

;Declare global variables
Dim $ie, $links, $datalinks[1], $i
$i = 0
$ie = _IEAttach("test")
;Generate list of <a ...> tags
$links = _IETagNameGetCollection($ie, "a")
For $link in $links.Elements
;If it's a **** Data link then $datalinks[$i] = $links.Elements($i)
    If StringRight($link.InnerText , 4) = "Data" Then
        ReDim $datalinks[UBound($datalinks, 1) + 1]
        $i = $i + 1
        $datalinks[$i] = $link.InnerText
$datalinks[0] = $i

I'm getting an error at

$links = _IETagNameGetCollection($ie, "a")

It just says "The requested action with this object has failed"

Please help


Sorry, nevermind, I found the problem disregard

Edited by cdkid

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