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I am almost sure that this is the wrong location to ask this but I wasnt sure where to put it. also I know this is not Autoit but I am hoping that if no one can help me that I can get pointed in the right direction.

I know that I am overcomplicating this. I have records that need to be printed. Lets say 536 records, some on two or more pages. I want to print 30 records, then 30 more till the printer has printed the whole report. I believe that VBA will best the best way to do this automatically with the click of a button. The reason I want to print 30 records at a time is that I have to put these in groups of 30 and I have to do the math in my head as to 30 records later because they are not all single page printouts and it would be much easier just to print 30 at a time (each 30 being sent to the print que individually)as our printer will offset each print job so that you can tell the difference between the print jobs. I know this has to be easier than what I am trying to piece together on my own. If someone could please help I would appreciate it, thanks.


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