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Control Internet Traffic Activity In Live Streaming Videos

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I want to receive some live videos streaming from web, but sometimes the connection stops from the server and then I must retype the address to resume it. I want to automate this thing because I am not always present.

So I thought I need to check if there is some activity in the router or in the Wan-to-Lan: incoming data.

How could I check this with Autoit?

Or have you some other ideas?

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Is there a staus window that pops up during the dl?

If there is you coudl do somehting like

While 1
;the dl is still running, wait then recheck progress
    If WinActive( "Status Window Downlaoding" ) Then
;the dl is complete, exit the script
    ElseIf WinActive( "Status Window Download complete" ) Then
;the dl has stopped unecessarily
        WinActivate( "Browser Window", "" )
    ;Re-enter link and redl the vid file

This will only work if the window that says it is complete remains up after dl finishes. By this i mean the title changes to dl complete or somethign on the status window.

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No, there aren't windows progressing because it's a LIVE stream, so it's always going on.

Anyway your approach gave me an idea to check the window player to see if it's playing the stream or if it's stopped. I will try to see some change in the interface; i don't know if I will solve this problem this way.

So I will be glad if someone could give some idea on the Internet traffic on the LAN, because I can see other use for this.

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