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Creating Variables Hotkey

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Hello. I want your help to finish a bot.

While 1
    If IsArray($1) and IsArray($2) Then
        Sleep (GUICtrlRead($time))
        MouseClick ( "right", $1[0], $1[1], 1, 1)
        Sleep (GUICtrlRead($time))
        MouseClick ( "left", $2[0], $2[1], 1, 1)

As you can see, this bot do some clicks with a user-defined time between them.

What I want to do now is a hotkey to create variables (other variables) as many times the user wants with this same configuration.

script i used to define the arrays:

Func 1()
    $1 = MouseGetPos()


HotKeySet( "{F1}", "1" )
HotKeySet( "{F2}", "2" )

the new hotkey i want

HotKeySet( "{F3}", "createvariables" )

In this function I want to do the "variables machine" stuff.

I hope somebody help me. Thanks.

If you don't understand something, please post.

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Bump! Help?

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