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Does anybody know how to change the desktop wallpaper to a downloaded file without the user seeing any backgrounds ? And afterwards refreshing the background so that the new foto is visible immediatly ?


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Pseudocode :

Run(@comspec & " /c " & @Windowsdir & "\system32\desk.cpl","",@sw_hide) ;Real code actually..

WinWait(the window)

Send( the ALT+? combination to go in the list) ;Language dependant

Send( file name, no ext)


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What about using ControlSend? That would not be language dependant, right?

; in Win98 (untested)
Run("Control.exe Desk.cpl", @SW_HIDE)  
WinWait("Display Properties") ;Language Dependant
ControlFocus("Display Properties", "", "SysListView321")
ControlSend("Display Properties", "", "SysListView321", "Clouds")
ControlClick("Display Properties", "", "Button4"); Ok button

Edit: Fix function call.

Edited by Nutster

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;Working on my W2000 computer with Active desktop disabled.

$title = "Display Properties"
$wallpaper = "winnt";<------- Put here the filename you want after you copied the .bmp file it in @windir. (or set it "(none)")

Run(@comspec & " /c " & @Windowsdir & "\system32\desk.cpl","",@sw_hide)
ControlFocus($title, "", "ListBox2")
ControlSend($title, "", "ListBox2",$wallpaper)
ControlClick($title, "", "Button7"); Ok button

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