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Guictrlregisterlistviewsort Based Sorting

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LV Sorting with GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort works excellent and is really fast compared to the UDF based sorting.

Thanks for this nice routine :think: .

The sorting with respect to a particular column happens whenever one clicks the appropriate LV header.

My question:

Is it possible to trigger the sorting without clicking on the LV header?

E.g. when the LV is filled with data I would like to have it sorted as if I had pressed the appropriate column.

I am aware of the LVM_SORTITEMS message but it needs the callback sort-routine as argument.

Sending a mouse click on the appropriate header item could work but is there any otherway to trigger sorting?


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I've been scouring the Internet for a way to do this, but have come to the same exact conclusions as you have -- that either a way to use LVM_SORTITEMS, or a way to simulate mouse clicks on a column header is necessary. What's worse is the fact that I'm working on a listview that doesn't display the column headers in the first place, so this quickly becomes an even more difficult job without the help of LVM_SORTITEMS =T

I'd love to use GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort, but unfortunately, I can't because I can't simulate a column click. Any ideas?

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