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Newbie- Pixel Color

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Hi all

Probably a really simple question for someone

I have a basic script for what i want to do,

What i want to add to it is

I have 12 coordinates of a certain colour i know the co-ords and colours if 5 of them change to a different colour i know that color also i want it to do something

So how do i make it count the colors?

Thanks for the help

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Well without seeing any of your code, it is like helping blind.

But you are welcome to try this code/ Requires Beta.


Global $co[13][2];; 2 dim array to store co-ords and their related colours.

;; Store your x,y co-ords in this array
$co[1][0]  = "100,100"
$co[2][0]  = "101,101"
$co[3][0]  = "102,102"
$co[4][0]  = "103,103"
$co[5][0]  = "104,104"
$co[6][0]  = "105,105"
$co[7][0]  = "106,106"
$co[8][0]  = "107,107"
$co[9][0]  = "108,108"
$co[10][0] = "109,109"
$co[11][0] = "110,110"
$co[12][0] = "111,111"

;;colours / Store the Expected colour for each co-ord in this array.
$co[1][1]   = "0xFFF000"
$co[2][1]   = "0xFFF003"
$co[3][1]   = "0xFFE100"
$co[4][1]   = "0xFFF100"
$co[5][1]   = "0xFFF000"
$co[6][1]   = "0xFFF000"
$co[7][1]   = "0xFFF000"
$co[8][1]   = "0xFFF000"
$co[9][1]   = "0xFFF000"
$co[10][1]  = "0xFFF000"
$co[11][1]  = "0xFFF000"
$co[12][1]  = "0xFFF000"

while 1
    If _Changed() Then
    ;;do your stuff cos 5 colours changed

Func _Changed()
    $Fail = 0
    For $i = 1 to UBound($co)-1
    $Temp = StringSplit($co[$i][0],",")
    $x = $Temp[1]
    $y = $Temp[2]
    If PixelGetColor($x,$y) <> $co[$i][1] Then
     $Fail +=1

    If $Fail >= 5 Then
        Return 1
        Return 0

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