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Send Ctrl-c To Window By Pid

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Hello, I apologize if this has been covered before. Lots of searching left me w/o anything really close to what I am looking for...

Here is what I want to do: I have the PID of a process running in a command window on an XP machine. What I really want to do is send that PID whatever signal it gets when you press "control-c" (ctrl-c, etc).

I thought it was possible to pull the title of the command window this process is running in by using "tasklist /V", but it ends up you can only get the title from the "cmd.exe" process and not the process running inside of it. Bleh!

Is there a more direct way of doing this? Perhaps a way to select a window based upon what processes are running in it / associated with it? Is there another way I can send the equivalent of ctrl-c to the process?


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