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Obfuscator - Obfuscate Scripts

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This is an open source obfuscator I made because I needed more control over EncodeIt. :think:

Currently it will strip all comments, import includes, rename functions, and rename variables. I have designed it to be able to ignore certain variables, includes, function names, from being obfuscated due to the use of Eval() IsDeclared() etc.

It may not be extremely efficient, but it works relatively well. I scripted each section completely seperate and then combined them all into one script. This can be slower, however; bug fixing and optimizing is much easier because each section is dependent only on itself.

Minor Limitations include:

Semi-colons can not be in script unless it initiates a comment; as it will delete the rest of that line.


-Renaming of functions is flawed. If you have a function Line() then it will replace built-in functions like FileWriteLine() with something like FileWriteJDHF3YHUHF(); thus causing an error.

I am sure there are more limitations and probably some bugs as it is impossible to test for every scenario; this is why I leave it open source. Please feel free to optimize, add to, or debug the script and post modifications here. I will gladly put your name as an author and update this post with the new, more efficient script.

Thanks to:

Celeri for creating _StripComments() UDF


Requires Beta


-Fixed Bug with renaming Functions.

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


; AutoIt Version:

; Author(s): Knight


;Thanks to: Celeri, taurus905


; Script Function:

; Open Source Obfuscator

; -Imports all Includes, -Renames Variables, -Renames Functions


;In Development:

; -Obfuscate Numbers and Strings

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Edited by Knight

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