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Writing/creating Pdf Files?

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is it possible with autoit ?

Or shall i ask: anyone got a small dll or something like that to do the job?


Is it possible to draw images in autoit? I mean in the background.

Like you have the possibilities to create a img with rectangles, lines, circles and text - and save it. Anyone know?

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Search gives me answers to Q1;

1. File Conversion through OpenOffice, Convert Spreadsheets to HTML or PDF

I have used this script; works really well with OO

2. AutoIT and PDF, Making PDF files with AUTOITNot sure if these links help with your answe ror not.

No idea on Q2.

Best, Randall

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Both are solutions that need any tool installed.

I'd like a dll or so for pdf creating that would be nice :think:

Anyways, thanks.

Any1 got idea about creating images and saving them as png or gif?

(Without any 3rd party programm - only dll or some udf .. :( .. )

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