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Have you looked into SplashText



SplashTextOn("title", "text" [, w] [, h] [, x pos] [, y pos] [, opt] [, "fontname"] [, "fontsz"] [, "fontwt"])

Creates a customizable text popup window

fontname Optional font to use. (default is the OS default GUI font)

fontsz Optional font size. (default is 12)

fontwt Optional font weight (0 - 1000, default = 400 = normal).

Many more options than the standard progress splash bar.

ProgressOn("Hi I like Candy", "I like gumdrops","",300,100) 
SplashTextOn("Hi I like Candy", "I really like Chocolate",300,150 ,10 ,10 ,2, "", 25 ,1000 ) 
MsgBox(1,"","test" )
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Yes, I have. I have done that, and works great. I was just wondering about the progress bar, as this makes it look alot more professional. I have a tendency to put in long text on it, but ut's nothing crucial just wondering if this could be done. Thanks scriptkitty

Joseph MangrumCCNA, CNA, MCP, Network+

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if it gets too long for the Progress Bar i think the end will display as ...

doenst really matter, unless its important that you must see it.... Otherwise dont get bent out of shape about it.

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