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High Cpu Load Launching Scripts

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Ive been having alot of trouble with launching the compiled scripts I made using AutoIt...

When I open the folder containing the scripts, about 12(*.aut & *.exe), the CPU load hits 100% and can take up to 1 - 2 mins b4 it drops again... It seems to take its time on the .exe files loading them from the white box which is the standard for .exe files on windows to the AutoIt logo.

Im using a 2.2Ghz amd and 1GB of ram so I cant figure what all the hanging is for, concidering the files are all less than 50kb each. If I have a game running in the background which is likely using 100%, unless I lower the priority of the game I can end up waiting 5+ mins for the macro to start.

It only Hangs with these files, and I notice that the Processes Explorer.exe and System to be fighting over the CPU 50 / 50 during this time, and unless they get enough cpu runtime I can endup waiting for a long time, but the system is uneffected only the launch of autoit.

Any advice on why it might be doing this and how I could stop the system from hanging would be great!


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Maybe I'm wrong ... :huh2:

but based on the fact that this request was made in the v2 forum :D

Sleep (10) ;AutoIt 3 (?, Helge could clarify this)

Sleep, 10 ;AutoIt 2

Sleep 10 ; AutoHotkey


Sleep, 10 ; AutoHotkey (backward compatible to AutoIt 2)

I've assumed that you use the A2 SetBatchLines command and the system tries to manage how to share the resources between the script and the game based on some default settings ... :)

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