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Can Text Be Sent To A String Via $cmdline[0]

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I have list of 3 letter commands like FFS

this is the script I have

If not ProcessExists("UiView32.exe") Then

Run ("C:\Program Files\Peak Systems\UI-View32\Uiview32.exe")



WinSetState ( "UI-NWS V2.71", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE )

WinActivate ( "UI-NWS V2.71")

MouseClick("left", 146, 29 )

WinSetState ( "Finger WxSvr", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE )

WinActivate ( "Finger WxSvr")

MouseClick("left", 14, 560 )

send ("TBW")

send ($cmdline[0])

MouseClick("left", 780, 559 )

WinActivate ( "- TBw$cmdline[0]")

what do i need to do so i can send text as a commd line once it is a exe

thank for all help

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I'd change the last three lines:

send ($cmdline[0], 1) ;extra parameter specifying "raw" keys
MouseClick("left", 780, 559 )
WinActivate ( "- TBw" & $cmdline[0]);use & to join variables with text

SeeFAQ #9 and #10 in the help file for more explanation.

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