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Changing A Variable To A Solid Number?

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Alright, a point in my script comes where I devide a number but it spits out a really ugly number like 8.342342356168543... and it is being inserted into a tooltip, thus it is a mess.

What I want to do is have that number rounded, but the round function wont use a variable.

I also think I remember seeing something where if you put some symbol infront of a variable, it will be read as a solid number and not as a variable.

Thanks in advance for help.

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; The following works for me with the current version of AutoIt (3.0.101)

$number = 8.342342356168543

$rounded = Round($number, 2)  ;two-decimal places

MsgBox(4096,"Rounded", $rounded)

Thanks. I thought I had that the first time, but this works now :D
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