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Load And Save Txt

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OK so im fairly new to autoit and even with the help me file im still having problems to grasp the principles..but im learning :)

i want to script a GUI that loads up a txt file , makes a combo list box at the top with a pull down in wich are all the account names ( all info before the first $delim..all items in one line are seperated by $delims anyway..) and when you choose one from the list loads up all the info in the right editbox ( $name , $adress , etc..) you can then edit the boxes you want and save back to .txt at the right line chosen ( if its account on line 9 it overwrites the line 9..

So..up to now this is what i understood of autoit

GuiCreate("Accounts and Info", 640, 480,)


$file = FileOpen("accounts.txt", 0)

$line = FileReadLine(($file) , 1)

$line1 = FileReadLine(($file) , 2)

$line2 = FileReadLine(($file) , 3)

$line3 = FileReadLine(($file) , 4)

$line4 = FileReadLine(($file) , 5)

$line5 = FileReadLine(($file) , 6)

this works but loads the entire line..i only want to load whats between the start of the line and the first $delim

GUICtrlCreateCombo ("accounts", 10,10) ; create first item

GUICtrlSetData(-1,"$line1|$line2","$line3") ; add other item snd set a new default

i know this dosent work at all..but its all i came up with..

if anyone has a good tutorial on the subject or could help me out on this i really would appreciate it ... not much tutorial sites on the subject but i learn pretty fast :(

Any help would be greatly appreciated..



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inread and iniwrite work by section right? but i want all the text to be on 1 line with "," seperating the info.. :/ i need one file that holds all the accounts.

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