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Dllstructgetdata Question

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I am trying to read an old Database file made with BTreeFile (an extinct database manager library made with Turbo Pascal by TurboPower).

I'm using Larry's ApiFileReadWrite Functions and reading each record with a Structure defined with DllStructCreate() Function, in the Structure there are many String Fields that I defined as "char[xx]" in the string structure definition (ie "ubyte;char[40];char[8] " etc).

The problem is that when I'm trying to get a string field with DllStructGetData, this function return a string larger than the limit defined. (ie Field2 is "char[40]" it will return a string with length > 40).

The size of the string returned depends on the next byte equal to zero found.

So the questions are:

1) Is this the correct behaviour of DllStructGetData when reading a "char[xx]" field

2) If so, which is correct way to read strings from a binary file.

Thanks in Advance

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