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Icons Import As 32x32 Only

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I created a series of 48x48 pixel icons that I used Resource Hacker to put into AutoitSC.BIN, so that I could access them in my compiled script. However, even though the icons are 48x48 (positively verified by Resource Hacker), they only import as 32x32, regardless of the optional "sizes" that I give them.

An example of the code line that I use to import them is below (this one is for a non-compiled script):

GUICtrlCreateIcon("D:\Program Files\AutoIT3\Aut2Exe\AutoitSC.bin", 3, 10, 10, 48, 48, $SS_ICON)

Am I missing something? Is there some command that I need to use to get the icons at any other size but 32x32?



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the bug was fixing .ico multiple icon file.

I cannot do the same for .exe/.bin file as the windows API allow me to retrieve the 16x16 or the 32x32 icons.

I cannot figure out how to extend it for them. :)

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