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Sacred Underworld Keyraper Tool V1.00

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Sacred Underworld KeyRaper Tool v1.01


Keyboard Configurator Utility


v1.01 Updated:


- Keyraper Loader v1.00 (KRloader.exe) has been added to packet. Now you may automatically run both Sacred Underworld and Keyraper Tool by one double click. And Keyraper in this case would automatically unload as you leave the game.

- fixed a bug when assigning a quick exit key different than [ESC] made it to not work.

- now the original archive has smart files arrangement with source and documentation folders separating misc documents from the necessary-to-run files.

v1.00 (release)


This utility allows you to appoint your own hotkeys for Sacred Underworld game. Write down your hotkeys in file SUkraper.kbd. Don't change file SUdef.kbd!

To use it, just run KeyRaper and then game itself.

Also it has some special functions.

1. It allows to make a double-stroke game exit with key appointed in field 'QuickExitKey' of file SUkraper.cfg. Be careful: game exit confirmation window is skipped, so be sure you have saved your game.

2. It allows to mount and dismount a horse with hotkey appointed in field 'DismountKey' of file SUkraper.cfg.

3. Hotkey appointed in field 'SwitchKey' enables and disables keyboard redirecting mechanics. Probably you would wish to turn it off while typing game save name or any console commands. It seems to be a good idea to appoint some indicator key like a ScrollLock as utility switcher so you can see through your keyboard lights if utility is active or not.

One little thing, this program should slightly slow down the game because it has to handle about 40 hotkeys.

I have no time to write complete documentation, so use it as you can.

Changed my mind.. entire script is large enough and separated into 2 modules + old version script: will be not easy to read it at one post. If you need source code - it is now in archive with program itself.


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