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help with send chr


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What is $1 supposed to be? It it's a variable, I think it needs to start with a letter such at $a or $var1

Send(Chr(9)) ;that's the tab character

$var = 9


$foo = Chr(9)


To send the ASCII value A (same as pressing ALT+065 on the numeric keypad)

Send("{ASC 65}")

Single keys can also be repeated, e.g.

Send("{DEL 4}") Presses the DEL key 4 times

Send("{S 30}") Sends 30 'S' characters

Send("+{TAB 4}) Presses SHIFT+TAB 4 times

If you with to use a variable for the count, try

$n = 4

Send("+{TAB " & $n & "}")

If you wish to send the ASCII value A four times, then try

$x = Chr(65)

Send("{" & $x & " 4}")

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