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Using Objget To Get An Internetexplorer.application Object

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I would like to get the object of a newly opened Internet Explorer webpage, but if I call it like this:

$Obj = ObjGet ("", "InternetErplorer.Application")

it returns the first object from this class that was created. If I have only one IE opened, there is no problem, but if I have more than one IE windows opened, then the returned object is not always the one I expect.

I would like to know if there might be a way to select the object that corresponds to an exact IE window (for example if I use the WMI....).

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IE2 does this:



Attach to the first existing instance of Internet Explorer where the search string sub-string matches based on the mode selected.

#include <IE.au3>

_IEAttach ( $s_string [, $s_mode = "Title"])

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