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I have recently had to send mass amount of project data constantly on a Physics project about Hot/ Cold dark matter that influences the evolution of the universe gravitationally which is getting rather repetitive.

What I want to do is make a program that can handle this task.

Which is:

-Find all MS Outlook contacts

-Input all MS Outlook contacts into the program.

-Input project.

-Send it to the other project workers.

Once I can make a basic version of this, I will customise it and make it into a GUI.

Is this possible as I am not totally sure what Auto It is capable of.

If it is, can anyone give me any help to start it off?



Fou-Lu - Bof4 "...Wouldst thou fight a god?"

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Can you use a distribution list to do this in your email package?

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@ Scorekeeper

Look at my example application email_zak for sending emails to our customers, see my signature...

List of customers is in INI file and for sending email is used object CDO.Message

There are also templates for body and signature in TXT files and creating of LOG file.

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