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_inetsmtpmailcom Error

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I cant get the func to work, here is the sending portion of my code, whats wrong with it (it acts like it sends, then doesn't)

hotkeyset('{INS}', 'Send')
func send()
_INetSmtpMailCom($s_SmtpServer, $s_FromName, $s_FromAddress, $s_ToAddress, $s_Subject, $as_Body, $s_AttachFiles)


$s_FromName= "Sent File"
$s_SmtpServer= InputBox("Server", "Input Smtp Server Adress")
$s_ToAddress= InputBox("To:","Input E-mail Adress to send to")
$s_FromAddress= InputBox("From:", "Input your E-mail adress")
$s_Subject= InputBox("Subject:","Input the Title of Email")
$as_Body = "File is attached"
$s_AttachFiles = $file
;have "$file" defined elsewere, its an HTML file

Note: i think Mozilla thunderbird supports SMTP, bu i dunno if this is right or if my Smtp stuff isn't configured right

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Does it work if you replace the inputbox statements with some strings?

$s_SmtpServer= "smtp.gmail.com";Requieres account? 
$s_ToAddress= "someone@mydomain.net"
$s_FromAddress= "mymail@mydomain.net"
$s_Subject= "Just a dummy mail"

Checking if any @error is set would be clever to :)

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