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Networking Functions Help Plz

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This is my 2nd post, just to say I'm still nOOb here :">

I would like to know if au3 allows to realize these functions remotely:





I built that little script (test):

$IPRANGE1 = "192.168.1."

$IPEND1 = "15"

$i = 1

$PINGIT = Ping(($IPRANGE1 & $i),100)


Ping(($IPRANGE1 & $i),100)

If @error = 0 Then

FileWrite("testping.txt", ($IPRANGE1 & $i & @CRLF))

$i = $i + 1


$i = $i + 1


Until $i = $IPEND1


And would like to implement @LogonDNSDomain... On the reachable computers (then add infos in the txt file).

Is it possible or are these commands only available for the local pc where script has been launched?

Thx per advance :)

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These macros are assosiated with the computer the script is running on. If you want to do remote stuff take a look at pstools at systeminternals.

If you have a script running on the remote computer. And the scripts are listening to a TCP/IP port you deside the comunication protocol and what the script will respon to or send back.

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