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Problem With "secure" Terminal Server Scripting

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Heya guys,

I couldn't find any prior posts with exactly this issue, so forgive me if it's been asked before...

I'm trying to make a script that logs on to my company's terminal server and then launches a couple of programs on that server.

Problem is: Our terminal server appears to be fairly "secure" in that it won't accept what I call "pre-authentication"... i.e. I can't send my username & password with the initial login request like a regular RDP shortcut. It forces me to type the un/pw in at its own "Logon to Windows" screen.

I can get AutoIt to bring up the mstsc app and connect to the server... easy enough. But I can't seem to send any keys through the rdp window once I do. Is there a fancy way to do this or is it just not possible?

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I'm running MSTSC on XP Pro.

Send() works, but none of the controls seem to accept keystrokes.

My output from WinGetClasses() is:


While it's possible to send keys, there are many limitations. Getting the password setting changed on the server side only helps with the logon process... at that point you still need to launch your programs.

I think you'd be better off with an alternative remote execution method like WMI, scheduled jobs, xCMD, or PSExec.

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