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Translate Vb To Autoit?

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i can's get the translation here;

i have the connection, but not sur of translation; attached to ADODB

set rs = adodbConn.execute("EXEC sp_tables")

do while not rs.eof

if rs("table_type") = "TABLE" then

Response.Write rs("table_name") & "<br>"

end if




$quer = $connectionobj.execute("EXEC sp_tables")

Can anyone please translate?

Thanks, randall

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I'd still be interested to know how to translate;

but found the alternative method works;

func _GetTableNames($connectionobj,$i_adoMDB=1,$USRName="",$PWD="")

dim $ret[1]if isobj($connectionobj) Then

$adoxConn = ObjCreate("ADOX.Catalog")

$adoxConn.activeConnection = $connectionobj

for $table in $adoxConn.tables

if $table.type="TABLE" then

ReDim $ret[uBound($ret, 1) + 1]

$ret[uBound($ret, 1) - 1] = $table.name



$adoxConn = ""


return $ret

EndFunc ;==>_GetTableNames

Best, Randall

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