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Functions Somehow Disabled?

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Hi all.

At first this script worked fine, but suddently it seems that functions has been disabled.

Obviously i have been messing with some settings i shouldnt have been messing with.



Opt("ColorMode", 0)

#Include <Misc.au3>

$v_dll = 'user32.dll'

$mschk = MouseGetPos()

while 1

if _IsPressed(01,$v_dll) then <-------------IsPressed now shows with black inc.

$mschk = MouseGetPos()

$colorwin = PixelGetColor($mschk[0], $mschk[1])

$colorwin1 = '0x' & Hex(PixelGetColor($mschk[0], $mschk[1]), 6)

$ms = MsgBox(1,"",$colorwin & " = Decimal value" & @CRLF & $colorwin1 & " = Hex value"& @CRLF & "X =" & $mschk[0] & " Y = " & $mschk[1])

if $ms = 2 then







This is the ErrorMessage:

C:\Documents and Settings\Julian.JULLIUS\Skrivebord\Kopi af Coords.au3(9,24) : ERROR: _IsPressed(): undefined function.

if _IsPressed(01,$v_dll)

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Can it be becasuse of my windows language, Danish? Cause it did work after it prompted to change language, but i suddently set it to not change language...

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