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Ned To Copy Pages From A Word2000 Doc?

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  • Figure out how to do for one page that manually. Use key presses in preference to mouse clicks to do this as it is easier to aim key presses over mouse clicks.
  • Run Larry's AutoIt Script Writer as you do the process once. It will generate a script that shows what you did.
  • Examine the generated script. Determine what each command does. Read the Help file for more information. See if fiddling with anything will give you better performance.
  • Write a loop to go one page as a time doing the same thing. If you know that it is 42 pages, then a for loop should work well.
Hope this helps.

P.S. I have WordPerfect Suite, not Micro$oft Office, so my ability to assist specifically with Word 2000 is very limited.

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AutoIt allows me to re-invent the wheel so much faster.

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