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Good Remote Client

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So after a lot of hours spent on learning and a LOT of trial and error. Here's my remote client, it let's you set up a server, a client (which performs the commands), and a user, that let's you pick the username and the command you want to send. I think it's great, but if you have any comments, please let me know.

Also, feel free to post additional 'client-commands'.

It's not 100% done. It still needs, or may need:

  • A 'update' which downloads a new file with client-commands (but i recon this will strain the server more then it already does).
  • And i can also add some sort of timeout which disconnects users after a certain amount of inactivity.
  • The User GUI needs a bit of updating to let you know what commands need what parameters
Ok, here's how it works.

You set up a server on a pc let's say the global-ip is: "". You simply run Server.au3 and click on Start/Stop, the status bar will change to green or orange to let you know what's happening. If it's green it worked correctly, otherwise you may want to disable other AutoIt scripts that use TCP or change the port etc. (this is not likely so i will not go in depth on this.)

[Note: If the server is behind a router you should forward port 44555 TCP to the LAN ip of your PC.)

Next up, you open the client.au3 code and you fill in at $g_ip = "" it's at line 10 or so. And then run it at whatever computer you like that has autoit on, or either compile it, it will work (probably).

Finally, do the same with the user.au3 ( that is $g_ip = "" for local use @IpAdress1 not ""). Then run it, wait for it to load ( may take a while because it has to connect to the server and do a lot of string-processing, may also take very short, depends on how lucky you are :P). Select a user in the left list, a command in the right list and fill in the parameters:

Parameter list

Param1: Title
Param2: Message

Close (equals WinClose)
Param1: Title

Param1: X coordinates
Param2: Y coordinates

Param1: FilePath

Close (equals Send)
Param1: What to send

Volume (equals wavesetvolume)
Param1: 0 to 100

Talk (Doens't work with older versions and causes a crash!)
Param1: What to say

AllowInput and BlockInput (allows the user to send or not send input)
No params.

CDClose and CDOpen (opens or closes all CD trays.)
No params.

You can also use 'testclient.au3' to send messages to the server. It's practically the same as User.au3 only without the GUI. This is mainly usefull for testing out new things. It also logs itself on as 'USER' A few commands look like this:

$clientname & "~LOGON"
Example: PC2@Win_XP~LOGON
Put the user in array meaning that he is logged on.

List all the users in the same array as listed above.

$clientname & "->" & $command & "~SEND"
Example: PC2@Win_XP->Shutdown~Send
This can send a command to the logged on $clientname.

For a example of $command look at the list above.
The type of command comes first. Then without space comes Param1 then a ~ then Param2.
Example: Mouse200~200   OR   MsgBoxTitle~Message
[Note: Mouse also supports a click, this is done by: MouseLeft~200~200 OR MouseRight~100~500 ]

Edit: This is old and crappy. Download removed.

Edited by Manadar

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hi, nice programm, im looking at its source right now, and i must say... something looks like my remote programm :)

the diff is only,

my is stringleft("",5)

your is stringright("",5)


i cant work anymore on mine yet, becouse it crashes with udp & tcp .. ^^

Edited by Busti

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this looks awesome man, your a really good coder. I would also like to say thanx for the trojan (just kidding lol)

50% of the time, it works all the time

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i cant see the code. it might be my browser but can you tell were it is

Edited by rambo3889

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I made a similar thing a while back. I made a Old one which is User-Defined and an AutoIt Defined New one. Also, I am involved in the ITS project as lead server developer. Perhaps you could learn some things off it. Great server, I am glad more people are experimenting with TCP.

AutoIt Smith

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Where » Good Remote Client, Works with TCP


I removed the attachment when i was in the My Control. I didn't know anyone was still interested. I'll repost it.

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