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Tcp And Port Forwarding

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Hi all, and thanks for all support I found here. :)

I tried to implement a chat into a program I made a few months ago.

So I gathered all infos I could find in this forums, including AutoItSmith's and Larry's and tweaked them a lot Thanks to them.

I still have a problem with it (I'm running both client and server on my own PC)

- server listening to the LAN IP and the client connecting to the same LAN IP --> very well

- server listening to the LAN IP and the client trying to connect to server through the WAN IP --> socket error 10061 clientside

I have to add that my router forwards the port I'm using to my machine.

I don't post the full code, since the varies name are written in french, and this may be hard to understand...

I jut would like to tell you that since I'm using the Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1) option, I had to call a Adlibenable("TCP_scan", 100).

Any thought?

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