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Sorry if I do not follow forum etiquette I am new to this, correct me but spare the flames if I offend anyone!

I have this script, My boss wants me to embed it into a web page. Is there a wrapper or a easy way to convert it into HTML?

I did some searching, but any links or ideas welcome! :)

-see the attachement for the code

For this to work:

I also modified randallc's excelcom.au3 code, here is what I added

----------I added this among the cases-------------------------------------

Case StringInStr($s_MEExcelCom, "rowdel")




------------I added this as a func--------------------------

func _xlrowdel(ByRef $s_FilePath,$s_i_Sheet=1,$i_Row=1,$s_i_Visible=1)

_ExcelCOM($s_FilePath, $s_i_Sheet, "1", $i_Row, "rowdel", "NoSave", 1, $s_i_Visible, "NOTExit", "NOTLastRow", "NOTToColumn")




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I know you think that I know I understand what you said, but I am not sure that what I understood is what you thought.

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