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Grabbing "dos" Variable Into Autoit Variable?

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Hello, this is only my 2nd post here so please bare with me :)

Im in the process of trying to improve a couple of my old scripts (which are a combination of batch and vbs).


for /f "Tokens=5" %%i in ('%USBDRIVE%\Flora\Tools\REG QUERY HKCU\Identities /v "Default User ID"^|find "Default"') do set default_identity=%%i

I would then like to grab the %default_identity into a variable in AutoIT... could someone give me a pointer?

Sorry if this has already been discussed in an earlier thread (im sure it has, i just havent been able to dig it up).

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in this case you can use

RegRead ( "keyname", "valuename" )

to set the variabe in Dos enviroment use

EnvSet ( "envvariable" [, "value"] )

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