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Financial Functions Udf

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Financial Functions

I have created some financial functions, so I might as well share them.

These are Excel like functions, like Future Value or Present Value Functions

; Function list
; _Annuity_Resid_Value
; _Loan_Amortisation
; _PV (Present Value)
; _FV (Future Value)
; _Compound_Periodic_Int (Interest)
; _Effective2Nominal (Interest)
; _Periodic2Effective (Interest)

I tried to make them, UDF standard compliant, but I' m not sure I am.

I can add more if needed.

As well as add more UDF's for Physics, Geometry and Trigonometry Functions

I know that this is not meant for huge audience, but anyhow let me know :)


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Man I wish I saw these a few months ago... These are nice but I already have (non-udf) functions. Anyway good stuff, I'll definitely use your style for reference.

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