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Refresh Ftp Filelist (wininet.dll) Issue...

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I've been tinkering with wouters et al http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...2473&hl=ftp.au3 (thanks w0uter / Beast / Bill Mezian & Dick Bronsdijk) and contributions.

When i log into an FTP account i can successfully get the filelisting. If i delete some files using _FTPDelFile(), even if i use _FTPClose() and re-open an FTP connection, reading the filelist still gives me the original filelist, even when i clear the string result beforehand

While 1

$files = ""

$Open = _FTPOpen('FTP')
$Conn = _FTPConnect($Open, 'ftp.thedomain.com, 'username', 'password')
$files = _FTPListFiles($Conn)

MsgBox(0,"Filestring",$files);on my system get same list even if files deleted.

_FTPDelFile($Conn,"some filename")
$Ftp = _FTPClose($Open)

I guess it is a cache issue - any way to force a true refresh ??

Many thanks as ever :)

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Ok. Did some MSDN searching and found the solution - simply setting the following flag during 'FTPFindFirstFile'


Forces a download of the requested file, object, or directory listing from the origin server, not from the cache. The GopherFindFirstFile, GopherOpenFile, FtpFindFirstFile, FtpGetFile, FtpOpenFile, FtpPutFile, HttpOpenRequest, and InternetOpenUrl functions utilize this flag.


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