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Remote Control

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I am writing a script that uses AIM to run scripts and do things on my computer, when i send appropriate commands via my cell

heres the code i have, but it isn't working can anyone help me?

while 1
    If WinExists("sandels02 : sandel       s01 - Instant Message") then
            While WinExists("sandels02 : sandel    s01 - Instant Message")
        $message = WinGetText("sandels02:sandel    s01 - Instant Message")   
                     $shutdown = StringinStr($message,"*shutdown*","1")
             If $shutdown>0 then
              $restart = StringinStr($message,"*restart*","1") 
             If $restart>0 then
                      $signoff = StringinStr($message,"*sign off*","1") 
             If $signoff>0 then
                      $topopen = StringinStr($message,"*tCDtray open*","1") 
             If $topopen>0 then
                      $topclose = StringinStr($message,"*tCDtray close*","1") 
             If $topclose>0 then
                      $botopen =  StringinStr($message,"*bCDtray open*","1") 
             If $botopen>0 then
                      $botclose = StringinStr($message,"*bCDtray close*","1")
             If $botclose>0 then

I am also planning on making it run scripts

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You might want to checkout This Topic for ideas.

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