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Onautoitexit() And Inetget

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Well, weird problem here :

I need to update a remote server file when I quit my server program, in case I forget to click on the disconnect button.

So I duplicate the function linked to this button into the OnAutoItExit() function :

Func OnAutoItExit()
  ;download the current server list
    $file_lobby = InetGet("http://myserver/lobby.txt", @ScriptDir & "\lobby.txt", 1, 0)
  ;update the server list locally
    IniWrite (@ScriptDir & "\lobby.txt", GuiCtrlRead($input_nickname), "Active","No")
  ;upload the updated server list
    $name_file = "\lobby.txt"
    $Open = _FTPOpen("MyFTP")
    $Conn = _FTPConnect($Open, "myFTP", "login", "password)
    If $Conn = 0 Then
    MsgBox(48, $txt_ftp_problem , $txt_ftp_diagnostic1)
    $Ftpc = _FTPClose($Open)
    $Ftpp = 0
    $Ftpp = _FtpPutFile($Conn, @ScriptDir & "\lobby.txt", "remote_path" )
    If  $Ftpp = 1 Then
        MsgBox(48,$txt_ftp_problem, $txt_ftp_diagnostic2)
    $Ftpc = _FTPClose($Open)

It seems the InetGet function is porked when called inside the OnAutoItExit function : it returns an empty file each and everytime... though the remote file is not empty at all...

Running 1.1.118 beta

Any idea?

Edited by Nanard

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