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There is a program called redmon that sends printer streams to programs. This is from their help file

RedMon can be used with any program that accepts data on standard input.

Using RedMon you create redirected printer ports. If you connect a Windows printer driver to the redirected printer port, all data sent to the redirected port will be forwarded by RedMon to the standard input of a program. This program is then responsible for processing the data and producing new output.

I can't quite figure out what function to use to read the stream. (If it's even possible.)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Take a look at the StoutRead, StdinRead and ConsoleRead functions in the beta help file. You could also take a look at my IOChatter sample to see how they are used together.

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After doing some testing it looks like it can read any stream. So, so far so good. Now I need to figure out when it's done writing to the console. Redmon is sending an eof so it exits, but it restarts for each page it sends. So I end up missing information.

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