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Parameter Function With Input Validation

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In this function I have created some input validations.

MsgBox(262144,'Debug_Loan_Amortisation',_Loan_Amortisation(10000,3,24));### Debug MSGBOX
Func _Loan_Amortisation($A,$B,$C)
    Local $D, $E
    If BitAND(IsNumber($A),$A>0) And BitAND(IsNumber($B),$B>0,$B<=100) And BitAND(IsInt($C),$C>0) Then
            Return $D
        Return 0

As you can see the If BtAND( ... does the validation to check if it's a number, integer and some values must be <=100,etc.

I am wondering if this is the only way to do it ?

I would like to see some alternatives if possible.


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Thanks for the feedback and noticing the typo !!

the " 1-1 " can also be presented as, this reads better but has more brackets to plough throught.


Both giving the same result

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