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MouseMove over a Remote Desktop Connection

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I'm having a little problem with the MouseMove command when I am connected through a Remote Desktop Connection. The problem is that it does nothing...:). The mouse position is not changed at all.

Initialy I thought it might be due to the beta version I was using (124-beta), but I also tried with the 117-beta, and with v3 stable version, and I got the same results.

the code I tried is:

Run ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe about:blank")

Sleep (5000)

MouseMove (5, 600)

Sleep (5000)


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...The mouse position is not changed at all...

Got proof? :-)

Don't believe what you see - the mouse moved on the remote system, but Remote Desktop does not always move the mouse on the system in control - then again, why should it? (Although - for me - it does show the moves sometimes and not others.)

Try using a single MouseClick("left".... somehwere on the desktop and see if you notice icons being selected.

I've run many a script via XP's Remote Destop and Real VNC. Both work as if I'm at the remote computer - even scripts that must use clicks.


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