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Password Protection

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Ok as seen as im kinda a noob at this i have a request. Is it possible for someone to make / help me make a script that asks for a password before giving access to my USB drive. I will have it autorun when the drive is inserted but i have a lot of valuable stuff on my USB drive! Thus said i would like a way to restrict access to the drive without the password.

Thanks in advance,


EDIT: Ok 10 people have looked at this now. Can someone at least say if they dont know. Starting to think im being ignored

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Try making a zip file then putting a password on it. Not sure how safe it is tho.

I made a script for this, but there is better ones in the scripts and scraps

;--------------Special Options--------------
RegWrite('HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run', 'AddValueNameHere', 'Reg_sz', '"' & @ScriptFullPath & '"')

;*******Define Variables**********
Global $case = 0
Global $action = 0
Global $access_1 = 0
Global $access_2 = 0
Global $access_3 = 0
Global $access_4 = 0

;*******Default Function******
While 1
If WinExists("*Window that opens*") then
   If $access_1 = 0 Then
    $case = 1

;------------Defining Cases------------
;*************Case 1*****************
Func MyCase ($my_case)
    Case $my_case = 1

WinSetState("Classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", @SW_HIDE)
WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_HIDE)
If $access_1 < 1 Then
$access_1 = 1
Func Box()
Global $pass="bob"
Global $passwd = InputBox("Enter Password", "Enter Password Here:", "", "*M",100,150)
If $passwd = $pass then
MsgBox(0, "Access Granted", "Correct Password.")
WinSetState("Classname=Shell_TrayWnd", "", @SW_SHOW)
WinSetState("Program Manager", "", @SW_SHOW)
MsgBox(0, "Access Denied", "Sorry, Wrong Password Try Again.")
Until $passwd = $pass

Something like that, don't have time to ttest, i modified mine to fit what you asked for, i think it should work

NoteL: password is "bob"

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