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Embedding a script in my friends crappy page

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The site is http://www.freewebs.com/ctubattlefield/

What I want to do is embedd this script into it so it sorta can look like a .com domain.

UDF: (Eh, I don't know why I made a UDF for it)

Global $Win

Func _WinSetAddress($S_Cover,$Title, $Address)
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2) 
$Win = WinGetTitle($S_Cover)
WinSetTitle($Win, "", $Title)
ControlSetText($Title, "", 41477, $Address)

Script:(Doesn't quite work right yet, because sometimes it doesn't change the text and page title. Any idea's to make it work even better? Plus, I want to make it install in the users temp file, but I think I'm asking to much because I'll probably get told I'm making it for malicious intentions.)

#include <UDF.au3>
While 1
_WinSetAddress("Counter Terrorist Unit","Welcome to CTU - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "http://www.CTUbattlefield.com")
_WinSetAddress("Members","Welcome to CTU - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "http://www.CTUbattlefield.com")
_WinSetAddress("About the CTU","Welcome to CTU - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "http://www.CTUbattlefield.com")
_WinSetAddress("Upcomming CTU Games","Welcome to CTU - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "http://www.CTUbattlefield.com")
_WinSetAddress("Joining CTU","Welcome to CTU - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "http://www.CTUbattlefield.com")
_WinSetAddress("CTU Message Board","Welcome to CTU's Message Board - Microsoft Internet Explorer", "http://www.Forums.CTUbattlefield.com")

Also, how can I do it with firefox? I can get the Classname, but not quite sure how to use it with control click.

I thought it was supposed to look like this: But it doesn't work.

ControlClick("Mozilla Firefox", "" , "ClassNameNN=MozillaWindowClass2", "Left", 1)

If your not willing to help me with embedding it, can you just help me so it always changes the page title and text? I see perfectly why you would not want to help me with embedding it, so if you don't that's alright.

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